Our New Product Planklite™ HRC

September 28, 2019

About Planklite™ HRC

Planklite™ HRC is Novostrat’s fully extruded foam. Our goal is to reach outstanding shock absorption and creep. It was tested in the VDZ German Institute. It reached 3.5% creep after 1000 hours. The range is ideal to protect fragile and sensitive goods from shock such as, electronic, medical equipment.

Planklite™ HRC for electronics Application Example


Our High Recycled Content Foam For Packaging Industries. 3.5% Creep After 1000 Hours. Tested in The VDZ German Institute.

Performance Driven

In a market where quality has been dropping, Novostrat has continued to innovate and invest to achieve a satisfactory reactive solution, with exceptional performances. 

Sustainability Above All

Beyond performance and quality, Novostrat top priority has always been sustainability. All our products are tested and certified to meet the highest standards.

100% Independant

Our 100% independent family-run Company has continued to expand for almost a decade. We are proud of our two manufacturing facilities: one in Ireland and one in Poland. 

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