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Outstanding 3D compression performance

Creep performance below 10%

Easy to convert

Available in a wide range of densities

Planklite™ is Novostrat’s fully extruded foam. With Planklite our goal is to reach outstanding shock absorption and creep. Planklite 226 was tested in the German VDZ Institute. It reached 3.5% creep after 1000 hours. The range is ideal to protect fragile and sensitive goods from shock such as, electronic, medical equipment. The product is available in different densities :

Planklite 156: 27Kg/m3 – Planklite 226: 35Kg/m3  – Planklite 406: 57 Kg/m3 – Planklite 706: 100 Kg/m3 – Planklite 906: 140 kg/m3

Fully extruded plank

Planklite is our closed cell, non-cross-linked polyethylene foam fully extruded plank.

Densities Available

Planklite is available from density 25 to 140Kg/m3.

Best protection and cushioning

Planklite is resilient and its cell structure offers the best protection and cushioning for your high value products.


Planklite is the market reference in terms of performance.


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