Good cushioning properties

Edge protection

Stays in place


Novoflex™ is a polyethylene foam extruded profile. It is used for corner protection. Novoflex is used for the thermal insulation of windows, and as well the leisure industry, such as fun noodles used in swimming pools or in the sea. We can manufacture any design and profile sizes. Our profile have high shock absorption properties, small cells. Our goal is to reach performance.

Closed cell non-cross-linked

Novoflex is our closed cell non-cross-linked polyethylene profiles foam range. Novoflex™ can be coextruded with a thick LD layer to give a perfect edge protection for glass products.


Novoflex profiles offer a good shock absorption such as surface protection to your sensitive products. 

So much possibilities

Novoflex products are used in the furniture, automotive, glass, insulation industries but also sport and leisure 


Novostrat can offer customized foam profiles for different type of industries. Thanks to our innovative technology we are able to develop high-end top performnance profiles.

  • High insulation value
  • Flame retardant
  • Outstanding mechanical properties


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