Available in a wide range of colours


Perfect finish


Planklite S™ is Novotrat’s polyethylene foam soft touch range. It is used for case inserts, display applications and automotive. Thanks to its non abrasive properties it can be used to pack lacquered and sensitive parts. Moreover this product can be milled to give a perfect finish. Different colors are available and they can be assembled and welded together.
Finally Novostream has a unique small cell structure. Available in different densities:                        

Planklite S™ S45: 45 kg/m3, available in white, blue and grey.
Planklite S™ S33
 kg/m3, available in black, white.

Fully extruded non abrasive

Planklite S™ is our closed cells non-cross-linked polyethylene foam fully extruded non abrasive material.

Ideal to protect highly sensitive parts.

Planklite S™ range of products is ideal to protect highly sensitive and fragile parts thanks to its softness and delicate surface.

Best design

Planklite S™ is designed to be milled giving an outstanding finish to your presentation cases and container inserts.

Automotive, cosmetic and display industries.

Major application ranges are the automotive, cosmetic and display industries.


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