Excellent shock absorption

Fine cell structure

Outstanding recovery properties

Wide densities range

Stratlite is Novostrat’s laminated foams. Stralite is made out of several layers of polyethylene foam heat welded together. Due to Novostrat unique manufacturing process, Stratlite is strong, resilient and elasticThanks to its new recipe, Stratlite comes back to 95% of its original shape after 70% compression. Stratlite has a very fine cells structure. Due to its outstanding performance, designers can reduce packaging volume. Stratlite product range includes 16, 22, 28, 35, 60Kg.m3 densities. Product is available in white, black, antistatic.  With Stratlite MDL it is easy to manufacture hinged end caps to save space and volume.

Laminated planks

Stratlite is our closed cell non-cross-linked polyethylene foam laminated planks.

Wide opportunities

Stratlite offers our convertors and partners wide opportunities in terms of constructive packaging design. Indeed Stratlite performances are equivalent in the three directions.


Stratlite is elastic and its cells structure offers the best protection and cushioning of your products.

A wide range

Stratlite densities range is 16 to 60Kg/m3. Moreover an anti-static version is available.


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