Packaging volume reduction

Advantageous economic solutions

Easy design

Various wave designs available

Waveflex is Novostrat’s new patented technology. This product is a revolution in the packaging industry. It allows to reduce packaging space, volume and cost. Moreover Waveflex opens a new era in packaging concept and design. Thanks to two types of waves, Waveflex is suitable for numerous applications. The first one, Waveflex S, is straight and can be bent and ideal to protect curved surfaces. The second one, Waveflex W, has a double wave, making it more rigid. 

With Waveflex, packaging design has no limit.

Innovative patented design solution

Waveflex is our closed cell non cross-linked polyethylene foam innovative patented design solution.


Waveflex™ allows significant savings in terms of material and volume.

New era in packaging

Waveflex™ opens a new era in packaging and creation design.

3D packaging design

Thanks to its W and S waves this product allows 3D packaging design with possible opening hinges in two directions.